Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Wanna Write

I wanna write a poem that'll make Bobby Sands say "Damn"
And make Langston Hughes shake in his boots.
All I need is a pen and a pad and I'll write words that make you think
That Walt Whitman ain't got shit on me.
I wanna write something that'll really bring Pac come back from the dead
And say "did you hear what that youngin just said?"
I wanna master the artform like Sonia Sanchez or Nikki Giovanni
Like some scholarly shit that you heard in the 70s.
I wanna write a psalm like the holy ones back in Bible times
But make my lines have meaning
I want my words to be heard from Sarajevo to Soweto, Atlanta to Sri Lanka
I wanna go worldwide with my poems
Change minds with em, strike down the stereotypes with em
Make cats think before they judge us or put words in our mouths
Give young people a voice that they thought they never had Challenge em to do something better, giving up their rebellious ways
But he only problem is I haven't written it yet

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